How It Works


Credentials required to qualify for Disco Merch

You must have the following credentials to qualify for Disco merch. Make sure your credentials are set to publicly viewable for Shopify to process.

Items  Required Credentials
Disco Socks Official Disconaut Credential + 5 GMs + Decent Mystery Box Proof of Mint
Disco Sticker Pack Official Disconaut Credential + 7 GMs
Disco DID Energy Tote
Official Disconaut Credential + 10 GMs
Disco DID Energy Hat
Official Disconaut Credential + 15 GMs
Disco DID Energy T-Shirt
Official Disconaut Credential + 15 GMs + Beta Tester or Investor or Membership Credential


How it works

1. Fill up your data backpack with credentials at
    2. Make sure your credentials are set to publicly viewable. You can do this in your data backpack under the specific credential and clicking the eye icon.
        • This is VERY IMPORTANT!
        • Need some GMs? Send a few to people you already know or say hello to new friends through the explore page
        • Reach out to your favorite Disconaut and we’d be happy to hook you up ;)


      3. On the
          • Connect your wallet, see which products you qualify for!
          • Add them to your cart and enjoy! Your reputation has you covered.


        Note: Claiming socks is currently only available to Decent Mystery Box Minters.

        If you need help, reach out to